About The Lean MachineVincent de Jonge

The name The Lean Machine is not chosen randomly.

In 2009 I came in contact with a rotation moulder at a BBQ. We discussed my experiences at General Electric, and his experiences as a company owner. He had some negative experiences with process improvement companies. I was talking about lean and what it had done for General Electric.

He was not impressed and challenged me to take a look at his company. I took on this challenge and together we made some positive breakthroughs. Because my discussions are always based on making things better and creating a process to continue the improvements.
The Sales Manager of the company said to me you are like a “Lean Machine”.

Half a year later the company owner advised me to start my own company, but also keep my job at General Electic, with later turned into Sabic. This way I could help companies and follow my passion. But because I still have my job and this steady income, I don’t need to milk out my projects at a clients for the money. It is the best advice I have had in years. In 2010 I started the company “The Lean Machine”. A company that not only tells other companies what to do but also puts on his working shoes (gemba) and goes to the work floor to help implement.